Loft Conversions in Medway

Covert your loft space into a comfortable bedroom or work area

Loft Conversions Medway

Why Have A Loft Conversion?

If your home needs more space then you may benefit from a loft conversion. A loft conversion can transform an empty attic space into a functional room such as a bedroom, office, a gym, or simply provide a quality storage room.

Can My Loft be Converted?

This will depend on the suitability of the head height, the pitch and the type of structure of the roof space to be converted, as well as any structures such as water tanks or chimney stacks. We can offer a free conversion assessment anywhere in the Medway area to see if your loft is suitable.

Planning Permission / Building Regulations (Medway)

Planning permission is not normally required for loft conversions. However, permission is required where you extend or alter the roof space and it exceeds specified limits and conditions. Building regulations approval is required to convert a loft or attic into a livable space especially when adding a staircase and boarding out / lining walls and rafters.